Anonymous: your blog was the first blog I found on tumblr, it really inspired me and I just refound it!

Inspiring someone is probably one of the greatest thing one can acheve. Thank you :)

It’s all so absurd.

The way I feel, and who I am and how I look. My name, my age, my heart. The name of my parents and the street I live in and the city that never sleeps.
What I wear. My nails. My hair. My thoughts, my never-ending thoughts. My hate, my love. What I do on Saturday nights. What I do every night. 
My teeth and cheeks. The colour of my eyes when I drown them in melancholia. My self-awareness. My consciousness. The stars that made me.
Why didn’t they make someone else?
Out of infinite amount of them why must I exist?
Someone could’ve done much better job than I do.

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"You punish yourself for being yourself."

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Because that’s the problem

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truest thing on tumblr

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Born: July 15, 1956
Died: May 18, 1980

Rita Hayworth

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